The ideal tool for whole-body monitoring of your patients

From early melanoma detection to before-after pictures of your cosmetic treatments, perform all the clinical images for your consultations in a few seconds.

Monitoring patients at high risk of melanoma such as those with extremely profuse pigmentary nevus disease requires special attention and documentation. With the BodyMapper E4 we are at your side by bringing you a powerful and semi-automatic device for photographic-dermoscopic digital monitoring of your patients.

The BodyMapper E4 gives you safe support by taking total body photography in very high definition and polarized light.

Why 4 fixed devices?

Perfect repositioning of the whole body thanks to the integral ghost.

Map all your patient’s body 4 times faster than all the existing systems.

Removes patient movement issues by making 4 simultaneous acquisitions per plan.

Flexible shooting with the choice of using 1-4 cameras.

High-definition total body photography in polarized light

The changes become detectable on very high-resolution clinical images and you extend the monitoring to all lesions and not just a small number of them.

All images can be enlarged (Touch Zoom) to perceive sufficient detail to allow you to determine without dermoscopy if the observed lesion has changed significantly or if it is of recent appearance.

The automation of shooting allows reproducible framing (framing and lighting). These images standardized and repeated regularly allow subsequent comparisons to note the appearance of new lesions appeared over time in skin areas hitherto spared.

The side-by-side display of the different plans allows comparison to detect new (or newly significant) lesions, which may be followed by their careful clinical-dermoscopic examination and possibly their registration in digital dermoscopy.

This methodology coupled with a record acquisition speed makes this type of examination semi-automatic and saves you up to 30% of consultation time.

Technical specifications

90° cross-polarized optics/flash

4 x 24MP cameras

(50MP optional)

Compatible with C-Cube dermoscope video

Standardized background, carpet and repositioning aid poster

A guided and delegable protocol

Save time on acquisition

Map your patient’s entire body 4 times faster than any other system on the market!
The entire photography process is automatic and without adjustment and can be done by your assistants.

Control before / after evolution

Perfectly reposition your patients during the follow up thanks to the phantom image from the previous visit and the touchscreen matching after the acquisition (EXCLUSIVE).
Side by side comparison or with transparency to reveal symmetrical or asymmetrical evolution of lesions or detect new lesions.

Tele-expertise Service

Exchange with your colleagues safely with the Tele-Expertise module included in our software. It allows you to easily ask for an opinion from a fellow dermatologist or to respond to a Tele-Expertise of an applicant doctor. This service complies with the state repository and ensures interoperability.

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